TWG predecessors and rivals

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Habicht - Axworthy, 1947

World Federalist Movement:

Committee for a Democratic UN (2003-):

Campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly (2007-):

Difference from TWG: WFM supports military actions against sovereign states ('Responsibility to protect')

Davis, 1953

World Government of World Citizens:

Difference from TWG: WGWC demands Pledge of Allegiance

Isely - Martin, 1958

World Constitution and Parliament Association (1958-):

Earth Federation Movement:

World Constitutional Convention / World Constituent Assembly (1968, 1972, 1979, 1991)

The Constitution for the Federation of Earth:

Provisional World Parliament (13 sessions, 1982-2012; 14th scheduled Dec.2015):

List of World Legislative Acts:

Difference from TWG: to take part in PWP election a person should ratify Earth Constitution that has been already written

Dufour, 1985

The Global Community / Earth Community Organization (ECO), Earth Government and Global Parliament

Difference from TWG: to be examined

Stark - Stalets, 2004

Vote World Parliament:

Difference from TWG: VWP suggests to wait for global referendum that should be organized by existing national governments