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The World Government (TWG)

Legal Foundations

The tasks, competence and structure of World Government shall be defined by Acting President in present Wiki-article.


No taxes, no bureaucracy, no enforcement!


The main goals of The World Government are:

  • to organize democratic elections of World Legislature according to World Transition to Democracy Road Map ('present' function)
  • to determine and promote priorities of Humankind development ('future' function)
  • to preserve the sources of information on the world history including web-sites of defunct states ('past' function)


The World Government was established 13.01.2015 at 5:00 UTC - immediately after registration of domain name . It is created and headed by Acting President of the World.

The World Government Minutes are listed on its web-page.

TWG term of office lasts until the beginning of the first session of World Parliament.


The World Government includes as of 20.05.2018 following ministries and departments:

  • Culture Ministry - for providing access to world heritage
  • Enlightenment Ministry - for help in self-education
  • Exterior ministry - for relations with other biological species including extraterrestials whether they exist
  • Election Department - for 2015/2018 World Assembly Election
  • Disarmament and Defense Department - I am highly impressed by the ranking of most dangerous animals - mosquitoes are still killing every year 1,4 times more people than people kill themselves. For a long time I hesitated whether Defense department (under Exterior ministry) or Health ministry should be in charge. Finally on May, 20, 2018 I decided to unite Defense and Disarmament authorities. The main weapon we use against mosquitoes is simple net. Why guns and bombs are still used against humans?

Acting President declares intention to create following ministries and departments:


1. World Transition to Democracy (since 11-06-2015)

2. Rectification of Names (since 04-04-2016)


1. The only expenditure item since the first half of year 2015 was domain names yearly cost and web-hosting, both paid by Acting President.

2. May be, SMS-counting software will be necessary for World Election.

3. Making World Flag for A.P. residence is not of high priority.

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