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According to World Transition to Democracy Road Map, the World Assembly should be elected once a year as representative body and the voice of genuine international community. Candidates nomination started August, 1, 2015.

2015/2024... World Election Rules shall be developed in the present Wiki-article.

Election rules

1. The World Election need neither assistance nor permission from existing national governments. Election should be held at no cost, through free social network services and mobile phone features.

2. To avoid effect of digital inequality, 203 electoral districts established

Each district is

  • a United Nations-recognized country or dependent territory with 90.000 or more inhabitants or
  • geographically organized group of countries or dependencies with total of 90.000 or more inhabitants.

Voter identification method is SMSable telephone number in corresponding country code.

3. For the Assembly not to exceed 600 MPs, each district elects 1 to 10 deputies (with the total of 577). To maintain 'one-person-one-vote' principle all the deputies of one district together have number of votes in the Assembly equal to number of their district population, divided in equal parts.

4. To become a candidate, a person should

  • be or become a Facebook user and give consent for nomination by placing the approved 'I am a World Assembly candidate on (such) district' banner (see the districts' pages) on his/her Facebook user page timeline ( and
  • after that nominate himself/herself in 2 steps:

- send email containing link to his/her Facebook page to and receive reply with telephone number of the World Election Department (WED)

- send SMS to WED from the telepnone number belonging to the chosen district code, or ask a trustee from the district to do so (WED will not disclose these numbers)

Nomination of a person without consent banner (or line) in Facebook timeline will be declined.

5. WED registers candidate within 48 hours after nomination, provided above mentioned conditions are fulfilled. After registered, candidate cannot change the district. He/she can withdraw his/her candidacy, but cannot be nominated again in the same or other district.

6. The period of nomination started on August, 1, 2015 for one month and should be repeatedly extended in specific district for one more month until the number of candidates become more than number of deputies to be elected there.

7. After registered by WED, each candidate should nominate one Local Election Commission (LEC) member (possibly himself/herself, if he/she has no other option). LEC and WED jointly select telephone number for Telegram- or SMS-voting.

8. The voting starts the next but one month after the nomination in district finished and lasts 1 to 14 days (to be decided, may be depending of voters number in district). Every local phone number bearer can vote once, only for one of his/her district candidates. The candidates who got relative majority of votes become the World Assembly deputies, no matter how much voters took part in the election (it follows the consultative status of Assembly until it is elected by overall majority of the World population). Whether 2 or more candidates got equal votes number, the candidate(s) nominated earlier become(s) deputy.

9. The Assembly to be convened on the 1st of January, 2025, provided the majority (289 deputies) is elected. Otherwise Assembly is convened on the 1st day of the month after 289 deputies elected. If this day is 1st of July, 2025 or later, the term of Assembly extends till the end of year 2026 and so on. The Assembly works on remote basis, using the Internet means.

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