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The World Treasury informs everybody about the first issue of world coins (07.11.2020).

The World Currency name is THANK. The value of each coin as indicated on the reverse is A LOT (in numbers: ∞ or Infinity). The obverse of coin depicts Diogenes of Sinope, the first κοσμοπολίτης, with lantern. The obverse-reverse orientation is Coin-type (when the obverse of a coin is right side up, a left or right turn shows the reverse image to be upside down). Edge is reeded. Diameter is 30 mm and weight 15,04 g in Nickel-silver and 14,74 g in Brass.

104 coins in Nickel-silver (Neusilber) are intended for payment to TWG employees and suppliers and 201 Brass coins are for numismatic purposes. 18 Nickel-silver coins and 30 Brass coins were minted by mistake in Medallic orientation. Their fate will be decided by The World Government.

The coin is available worldwide on Ebay since 07.12.2020 (in Russia on Meshok since November, 25, 2020).