TWG predecessors and rivals

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Habicht - Axworthy, 1947

World Federalist Movement:

Committee for a Democratic UN (2003-):

Campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly (2007-):

Difference from TWG: WFM supports military actions against sovereign states ('Responsibility to protect')

Davis, 1953

World Government of World Citizens:

Difference from TWG: WGWC demands Pledge of Allegiance

Isely - Martin, 1958

World Constitution and Parliament Association (1958-):

Earth Federation Movement:

World Constitutional Convention / World Constituent Assembly (1968, 1972, 1979, 1991)

The Constitution for the Federation of Earth:

Provisional World Parliament (13 sessions, 1982-2012; 14th scheduled Dec.2015):

List of World Legislative Acts:

Difference from TWG: to take part in PWP election a person should ratify Earth Constitution that has been already written

Dufour, 1985

The Global Community / Earth Community Organization (ECO), Earth Government and Global Parliament

Difference from TWG: to be examined

Monbiot, 2003

George Monbiot's book The Age of Consent describes the action almost similar to our way: to form the provisional World Parliament without waiting help from existing nation-states and without hope that they would disappear. On the first phase it will have rather moral authority. Its influence will grow by degrees, it shall try to control existing world institutions and it should decide itself whether some kind of world executive body is necessary to create.

This program was suggested to Global Justice Movement and World Social Forum participants. Now Mr.Monbiot is British Guardian columnist.

Difference from TWG: George Monbiot says general election is likely to cost $5 billion, while we (taking into account Internet and mobile phones development through 10 years) think that it can be organized without centralized budgeting at all.

We have contacted George Monbiot to invite him to join our activity as the difference between our approaches is quite a little.

Stark - Stalets, 2004

Vote World Parliament:

Difference from TWG: VWP suggests to wait for global referendum that should be organized by existing national governments