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The World Government (TWG)

Legal Foundations

The tasks, competence and structure of World Government shall be defined by Acting President in present Wiki-article.


No taxes, no bureaucracy, no enforcement!


The main goals of The World Government are:

  • to organize democratic elections of World Legislature according to World Transition to Democracy Road Map ('present' function)
  • to determine and promote priorities of Humankind development ('future' function)
  • to preserve the sources of information on the world history including web-sites of defunct states ('past' function)


The World Government was established 13.01.2015 at 5:00 UTC - immediately after registration of domain name . It is created and headed by Acting President of the World.

The World Government Minutes are listed on its web-page.

TWG term of office lasts until the beginning of the first session of World Parliament.


The World Government includes as of 25.11.2020 following ministries and departments:

  • Culture Ministry - for providing access to world heritage
  • Enlightenment Ministry - for help in self-education
  • Exterior ministry - for relations with other biological species including extraterrestials whether they exist
  • Health Ministry - for supporting, among other purposes, pre-conception genetic research for parents and genetic maneuver to provide good health for their future child
  • Election Department - for 2015/2018 World Assembly Election
  • Disarmament and Defense Department - I am highly impressed by the ranking of most dangerous animals - mosquitoes are still killing every year 1,4 times more people than people kill themselves. For a long time I hesitated whether Defense department (under Exterior ministry) or Health ministry should be in charge. Finally on May, 20, 2018 I decided to unite Defense and Disarmament authorities. The main weapon we use against mosquitoes is simple net. Why guns and bombs are still used against humans?
  • World Registry
  • World Treasury

Acting President declares intention to create following ministries and departments:


1. World Transition to Democracy (since 11-06-2015)

2. Rectification of Names (since 04-04-2016)


1. The only expenditure item since the first half of year 2015 was domain names yearly cost and web-hosting, both paid by Acting President.

2. May be, SMS-counting software will be necessary for World Election.

3. Making World Flag for A.P. residence is not of high priority.

TWG Suppliers